Crazy good things happen when these New England Power*Pop*Punk queens joke around on a group thread, and this time they went from inventing a woman-powered rock festival to forming a pop supergroup and releasing the song of the summer for 2020!

The WhistleStop Rock Festival was born when Simone Berk started a group message back in the fall of 2019 (see our history below). A month ago, the women of WhistleStop were exchanging stories about going to the drive-in (and not ever watching the movie) when Justine Covault suggested, “That sounds like a song title!” Within a day Simone had crafted clever/hot lyrics about a drive-in makeout session, and Linnea Herzog had set Simone’s lyrics to a driving chord progression and summertime pop melody. Thus QUEEN OF THE DRIVEIN was born.

Next thing you know, the women of WhistleStop had figured out a way to collaborate on a recording of the song from their respective pandemic-isolation bunkers, quickly volunteering to contribute all the needed components of the perfect summer pop song. Simone (Kid Gulliver, Sugar Snow) would sing dirty-sweet lead, Linnea (Linnea’s Garden, PowerSlut) would drive with her rhythm guitar and deliver a blistering solo, Linda Bean Pardee (The Chelsea Curve) would anchor with her signature punk-lyrical bass sound, Justine (Justine and the Unclean, Justine’s Black Threads) would add a touch of 80s-style lead and rhythm guitar, Heather Rose (Heather Rose in Clover) would bring unexpected sonic depth with her Stylophone, and Lynda Mandolyn (Tiger Bomb, Crystal Canyon), JoEllen Saunders Yannis (Cold Expectations), and Heather would release their inner ABBA on the backing vocals. Sandy Summers (Kid Gulliver) then accepted the invitation to pound the hell out of the drums, Brian Charles captured Simone’s stellar lead vocals at Zippah Studios, and David Minehan agreed to engineer and produce the song at Woolly Mammoth Sound. But wait, the perfect summer pop song was not enough for this group! They realized the song deserved a killer rock video, and each performer set out to capture the spirit of the song with DIY video snippets. These were assembled into a finished video tribute to summer drive-in makeout thrills by the very talented Daniel Ouelette.