AMULET premiere the first track from their upcoming new album. “Burning Hammer” is a homage to Japanese wrestling legend Mitsuharu Misawa who died after a tragic in ring move in 2009.

Marek ‘Heathen’ Steven comments: “Burning Hammer the song and video is inspired by Amulet bassist Sam’s appreciation for infamous 90s Japanese wrestling. Sam: “Tracking down fabled and poorly transferred VHS tapes in the late 90s was not easy. The reward was gazing into a flickering hell, an intense legacy only read about seen in full, violent motion. Mitsuharu Misawa was our hero, we anticipated every jarring blast to his head like the baying crowds in the clips. In this way we are all somewhat guilty for his early passing. Mitsuharu Misawa died in June 2009 aged 46 from a final and catastrophic belly-to-back-suplex-move. Misawa holds the record for the most “5 Star” matches. We dedicate this track and video to his life and death.”

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May 2019

16th LONDON, UK – Underworld (with Jag Panzer)
18th PLOZEVET, F – Courts Of Chaos Festival 2019
26th LONDON, UK – Moth Club (with Visigoth)
31st ESSEN, D – Turock (with Jag Panzer)

June 1, 2019

1st OBERNDORF, D – Metalheadz Open Air 2019

August 2019

31st SATTEINS, A – Hard And Heavy VIII

October 2019

3rd ANGELSTRASSE, D – MS Connexion (with Seven Sisters)

The London metallers return with a new line-up and a monstrous sophomore album ’The Inevitable War‘. Founding guitarists Marek ’Heathen‘ Steven and Nippy Blackford put together a killer new line-up who then spent several years crafting a genuine ’statement of intent‘ return. The 9 track continues the bands song-and-riff-orientated no-bullshit sound but is enhanced by more impressive song structures and performances. The album spans the direct speed metal hit of ’Shockwave‘ to the majestic and lengthy epic ’Roundhead‘ plus melodic pounder ’Burning Hammer‘ and it features some original lyrical themes.

Added to the line-up are the nimble bass and keys of Sam Mackertich (ex-Deceptor) the immense laser-precise drums of Neil Ganesha, and the incredible and varied pipes of Federico ’Mace‘ Mazza (Asgard). The consistently catchy and varied new album‘s secret weapon is a big, timeless production from Nippy‘s older brother Tom Blackford. Channelling classic era Martin Birch, he has helped the band capture and craft a fully realised epic sound which retains their raw edge. The album has been mastered by audio guru James Plotkin (Khanate). Previously often labelled NWOBHM, you can put Amulet‘s new album in the same ballpark as Iron Maiden, Manowar, Judas Priest and 80‘s Black Sabbath in terms of scale and power.

Forming in 2010, the band have earned a great reputation in the underground metal world with their shows and the regularly re-pressed ’Cut the Crap‘ EP and their Century Media released debut ’The First‘ in 2014. Amulet plan to take ’The Inevitable War‘ to the world during 2019 and 2020. Watch out!