Louise Aubrie has shared the video for her latest single On The Run. Following her last single, It Was No One’s Fault But Mine I Must Confess, Aubrie’s latest offering continues the theme of being based on films from Cary Grant‘s career. On The Run is lyrically inspired by the classic 1963 filmCharade, starring Audrey Hepburn & Cary Grant. The film sees Grant under four different aliases – Peter Joshua, Alexander Dyle, Adam Canfield and Brian Cruikshank, reflected in the shirts of the band members in the video – and over the course of the film Audrey Hepburn’s character falls in love with him, despite not knowing his true identity.

On The Run explores themes of trust, especially when falling in love. When speaking on the release, Aubrie said: “It’s about trust and although most of the time we don’t actually know the whole truth about anyone, we’re still left trying to work out whether we can trust them and whether they’ll be there for us – something we can probably all relate to. Although the jumping off point was the movie, I see myself in the song and the people I love who are always on the run.”