Despite 2020 being generally recognise as “a bit shit” to say the least it nevertheless produced a very healthy amount of great albums.  With 2021 starting in very much the same shitty vein what can we look forward to from our favourite artists this year?  Donnie takes a look…

As music lovers no doubt 2020 hit everyone in the industry very hard indeed.  No gigs to speak of past March and still none, at least in the UK, as I type.  However, their is a silver lining in every cloud and if bands are not touring then it’s likely they may well have ben using their time wisely and have been studio bound and laying down some of your next favourite tracks.  Let’s see who is scheduled to deliver the goods in the first quarter of this year:

Accept – Too Mean To Die
Wardruna – Kvitravn
Steven Wilson – The Future Bites

Foo Fighters – Medicine at Midnight
Alice Cooper – Detroit Stories
The Pretty Reckless – Death by Rock and Roll
The Hold Steady – Open Door Policy
Epica – Omega

Rob Zombie – The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy
Tigers Jaw – I Won’t Care How You Remember Me
A Day To Remember – You’re Welcome
Thunder – All The Right Noises
Evanescence – The Bitter Truth