You graduate, you celebrate your freedom for a while and then.. before you know it you’re behind a desk, waiting ’til the clock strikes five. This promise ain’t the life that the boys from Rotterdam-based poppunkband After Elmer want, and they are pretty straightforward with it on their new song ‘Look Alive’ [RELEASE 16-09]: a spicy track about the office life, as well doubting the decision to choose the life of a musician. Watch the video below.

The video is a colourful story about the four bandmembers applying for a dull office job. Everyone is a unique character; a motorloving biker, an aggressive fitboy and a sword-wielding geek. When leadsinger Jaap takes the job, he seems happy for a moment, until he realises the life he has chosen..

‘Look Alive’ is the titletrack of the debut-EP that drops on September 18th. Last year was a bumpy ride due to the coronavirus, but the band managed to record the songs and used their time to get them as perfect as possible. The result is four tracks about coming of age, getting shitty jobs and the importance of talking to each other. But After Elmer wouldn’t be After Elmer if they wouldn’t pack the EP with fast guitarlines, smart lyrics and genuine emotions.

The band (which was founded in late 2018) already released two singles in 2019: ‘Locked Door’ and ‘Sorry For The Revolution’. In between releases, After Elmer shares a lot of studio and stage-shenanigans in their videodiary-series ‘Band Diary And More Stuff’ which are posted on their Instagram.