“I was inspired to write “Won’t Let Go” after a brief online conversation with one my biggest musical influences, Dan Vapid. Touching upon the struggles of remaining prolific, invested and feeling self worth in an ever changing musical landscape and the added challenges of family, work and maintaining day to day, the song idea sprouted and basically wrote itself.

Dans musical genius through several band projects over 3 decades has most certainly made an enormous emotional and musically influential impact on so many people, including myself. I wanted to sort of say “thank you” to him for that…along with sending feelings of encouragement and put a shining light on the depth and impact his music and sincerity brings and has brought to generations of people like myself.¬†Lyrically I brought in my own inner battles and emotions of holding on and forging ahead in what often can feel like a lonely and insignificant journey. I used a combination of Dan’s own words from his musical works and incorporated them into my own mixed feelings of struggle, worthlessness, gratitude, hope and the fight to power ahead.”
–¬†J Prozac (2022)

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