Finnish folk metallers KORPIKLAANI do not rest. Their acclaimed 11th studio album  Jylhä was released on February 5th 2021. Since then they’ve been putting out a series of nicely filmed playthrough videos for a few of their new songs. A drum playthrough for the song ‘Verikoira‘ marked the beginning, which they followed up with an accordion playthrough for the track ‘Huolettomat‘. Today, you can watch another entertaining accordion playthrough by Sami Perttula who is clearly enjoying the challenge of playing this fast paced tune for us.

Here’s the new accordion playthrough for ‘Pohja‘:

Sami Perttula comments on ‘Pohja‘:
“”Pohja’ presents probably one of the trickiest arrangements for accordion on the whole album. The song was composed by Jonne and on the original demo there was just the main violin theme before the chorus, to give us ideas for how to do the arrangements for folk instruments. As always there are plenty of addictive parts in Jonne’s songs and one idea led to another, and the final result can be heard on the album. I think for folk instruments the tastiest part is in the end when we have a chance to play our own little solos in a bit of a gypsy style and put some feeling into them.

Lyrically ‘Pohja’ (rock bottom) literally describes the feeling when one is really down, but it’s more like an uplifting song: the main idea of this story is in the strength and courage that will lift us back up and makes us continue our lives – not letting life’s misfortunes drag us back down. Again, the lyrics are from our wonderful lyricist Tuomas Keskimäki.

The video was produced by media student Alexander Grönvall. He put a lot of effort into this, so it’s here for us to enjoy – he made this possible.”

You can watch the accordion playthrough video for ‘Huolettomat’ here:

The drum playthrough for ‘Verikoira‘ can still be watched here: