Abhorrent Death Metal


Music from the depth of hell, apparently

Comatose Music proudly welcomes North Carolina death metal new-comers Abhorrent Deformity! Featuring former members of Labyrinthe and Lorelei, Abhorrent Deformity will release their debut full length Entity of Malevolence on October 30.

The album stands out as a convergence of brutality, complete with the boundless onslaught of crushing riffs, unmerciful drumming and bloodthirsty vocals. This unforgiving vortex of obliteration is poised to rise from the deepest depths of Hell. Artwork for Entity of Malevolencedone by the creative Italian mastermind Marco Hasmann.

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Track Listing: 1. Crown of Worms 2. Manifested Filth 3. Skeleton Carver 4. Buried Beneath Human Remains 5. Stench of the Decomposed 6. Boundless Suffering 7. Entity of Malevolence 8. Enshrined in Putrid Decay 9. Baptized in Embalming Fluid 10. Casket Maker

Guitar : Jason Keating

Vocals : Mark De Gruchy
Drums : Matthew Green
Bass : David Wright
Guitar (studio only) : Blake Scott (not pictured)




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