Sean McConnell has shared the music video for his latest single, ‘What The Hell Is Wrong With Me’ (Feat. Fancy Hagood) today (9/9), following a premiere with Glide Magazine yesterday, who declared the “jubilant” piece proves the singer, songwriter and producer to be “a new vital voice in the Americana scene.” Watch the video here.

Discussing the concept, Sean said: “What can I say about this video? My brother drove up 4 hours from Atlanta to wear a bunny costume in 100 degree weather, we laughed our asses off the whole shoot, a lot of those empty beer bottles aren’t props, I got to jam with a giraffe on drums and a piano playing rainforest bird of some sort. All in all, it really captures the inside of my brain and I hope you enjoy it. Truly…what the hell is wrong with me?”

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