The North Shields epic/folk-rockers HECTOR GANNET return with EP ‘Into The Deep’, a tapestry of folk set to highlight the plight of nature being affected by pollution.

Preceding their much-postponed tour of UK (now confirmed for Oct 2021), Aaron Duff, also known as HECTOR GANNET are back with their eclectic blend of rock-folk. Releasing their acclaimed debut album ‘Big Harcar’ only last year, the artist has demonstrated his ability to create captivating, soul-searching ballads. Now, comes that same addictive artistic vision, melded with an environmental call to action.

The new EP ‘Into The Deep’ will use the group’s astounding artistic vision in order to bring attention to environmental problems. The release will feature new tracks, a live track and collaborations with some artists and organisations who have those same interests at heart.

The effects we are having upon nature is the centre point of each track, expressed with varying and interesting methods. ‘Lanterns Radio edit’ , mixed by Paul Gregory of Lanterns On The Lake, features the beautiful vocal of Lanterns’ singer Hazel Wilde, shedding light of the devastating effects of global warming. ‘The Silent Spring’ reflects further on the irresponsibility of those in power, through the use of beautifully poetic and heartfelt lyrics, and ‘Tower On The Hill’ is a live take of another brand new track, this solo version recorded by Aaron at Karma Coast.

Paul Gregory mixed the entire Hector Gannet debut album ‘Big Harcar’ and recognises the quality of their work – “Hector Gannet write exceptional songs, they have a unique ability to really capture the north east coastline and somehow turn it into music, ‘Into The Deep’ is a perfect example of this, a beautiful tune focusing on a difficult and important aspect of how nature is being affected, it was nice for us to work together and help highlight that fact. We are looking forward to having them play with us in Newcastle later this year.”

The EP will soon hit the road as Hector Gannet embarks on their UK tour, set to take place in October 2021, and deliver his call to action to audiences across the nation. It’s set to be a tour full of excitement, passion, and the need for change, as Hector Gannet unites listeners in the ongoing battle to save our planet.



Fri, SEP 10- The Globe,  Newcastle Upon Tyne,
Fri, SEP 17- Northern Kin Festival 2021, Stanhope
Thu, OCT 14- I Saw Nick Drake, North Shields,
Fri, OCT 15- Hector Gannet + Bugman in Sheels, North Shields,
Mon, OCT 18- Actress And Bishop, Birmingham
Tue, OCT 19- Slaughtered Lamb, London
Wed, OCT 20- Hector Gannet in Leicester, Leicester
Thu, OCT 21- FAC251 – Factory, Manchester, United Kingdom
Fri, OCT 22- Sunderland – Hector Gannet Autumn Tour & Release 2021, Sunderland,
Sat, OCT 23- Hector Gannet play Hit The North, Newcastle Upon Tyne
Sun, OCT 24- Hector Gannet in Glasgow, Glasgow
Mon, OCT 25- British Sea Power + Hector Gannet, Edinburgh
Tue, OCT 26- British Sea Power + Hector Gannet, York
Fri, DEC 10- Lanterns On The Lake supported by Wyldest and Hector Gannet,
Newcastle Upon Tyne