Highly influenced by discomfort, there can be no compromise in the structure of what Ontario, Canada hardcore/metal quartet TEETH are producing because what flows from them is purely honest, and quite unlike anything that has been heard before.

Their adherence to this artistic integrity is a huge part of what caught the eye of heavy metal foundry, Nuclear Blast Records

Today the band release the 575 EP which contains four already-released songs. Listen and order your 575 exclusive EP here: http://nblast.de/Teeth-575EP

The band comments, “This is a collection of songs that represents the beginning of TEETH. ‘Filth’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Smother’, and ‘Deathrace’ were the first songs we wrote and recorded with our friend Davis in Fort Erie, Ontario and that’s when we realized how cathartic this band was (and how badly we needed to continue making music together). We actually wrote/recorded ‘Deathrace’ when COVID really took hold and quarantine began, so that song also represents a very uncertain, anxious, dark time for all of us. This is the first time any of these songs have been available in a physical format so we’re excited to give everyone a chance to get their hands on what is now essentially the birth of TEETH.

The 575 EP wasproduced and engineered by Davis Maxwell & TEETH at Bell Tower Studios in September 2019. The cover artwork was created by Orupting (Madison Roger).

Order your copy of TEETH‘s 575 EP here: thttp://nblast.de/Teeth-575EP

Below is the 575 tracklisting:
1. Destroyer 
2. Filth 
3. Smother
4. Deathrace

TEETH are of the philosophy that every subsequent part of the song needs to be more disgusting, uncomfortable, and nasty than the part before it. “It’s supposed to feel frantic; super visceral and aggressive,” explains Prince. “Pain is an adhesive, and in a time where there’s a lot of pent up emotion towards friends, family, everything around us… it gives people a nice vehicle to air their grievances.” 

Only a couple of things remain to be seen with TEETH: when will their new album drop, and what bands can you look forward to seeing them grace the stage with? Keep your eyes on Nuclear Blast Records and TEETH socials for updates.

Chris LeMasters | Guitarist
Blake Louis Prince | Vocals
Marc Quagliarini | Bass
Mat Stewart | Drums