Wolf Rd (“wolf road”) is a rock band from Chicago, Illinois that combines an eclectic mix of influences to create a sound that is catchy and accessible, yet refreshingly unique. The group’s diverse sonic spectrum ranges from pop-punk party bangers with anthemic emo hooks to electronic dance synths, monstrous guitar riffs, and breakdowns that will have you throwing hands in the mosh pit. Wolf Rd’s gripping live performances have received critical acclaim from both fans and industry veterans thanks to the group’s high energy stage presence and engaging crowd participation.

The band has just dropped a new single “Burn All Of Your Bridges” along with a companion music video.

Watch the “Burn All Of Your Bridges” video here:

Stream the single on DSPs:

Wolf Rd frontman Chris Hoffmann says, “We wanted to create a song that takes fans on a journey, both emotionally and sonically. We spent a lot of time writing our most brutal riffs and breakdowns, and then finding ways to connect them together within a single song. Burn All Of Your Bridges is our ‘Stairway To Heaven’ – it has so many different pieces. It’s like if a metalcore song was an opera with different movements and sections.”

Speaking about the song’s lyrics, Hoffmann continues “Burn All Of Your Bridges is about growing apart from someone you used to feel close to. I think a lot of people might not catch that right away, because of how aggressive the song is musically. Growing up sucks, and a big part of that is people change. Most people change for the better, but sometimes a person who was really important to you gets older and becomes somebody you can’t stand to be around anymore.”

Watch out for more new music from Wolf Rd in the weeks and months ahead.

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