Battle is the new single from Ian Prowse. Released on Dec 10th via Kitchen Disco Records, the single received its first national BBC 6 play this week on the Early Breakfast Show. DJ Chris Hawkins described the track at “Anthemic Ian Prowse”. BBC London’s Gary Crowley said “…this has blown my head off, life affirming as far as I’m concerned”

You can see the brand new video at :

Battle is taken from Ian’s new album…ONE HAND ON THE STARRY PLOUGH, the fourth solo album by Ian Prowse, will be released on the back of what has been an incredibly tough time – emotionally, physically and financially.

A lot of people took solace in in the hope that the world would return to it’s original state. Instead we emerged from a perpetual pandemic more confused, and riddled with more doubts than ever. It’s a world missing friends and family.

A land ravaged by the (current) effects of Brexit. A country ruled by the corrupt, and the spiteful. It’s a land where the darkest clouds of uncertainty and hopelessness are still gathering over the helpless. This is not a record of despair, it’s a message of hope.

ONE HAND ON THE STARRY PLOUGH is an album of music that reminds us to look up at the night sky and bear witness to billions of years of consistency shining down, helping us to navigate each and every lifetime. A collection of songs that acknowledges the bad times whilst reminding us of the best times. An album that understands what it is to be human in all its wayward beauty through songs that tells us we’ll be all right – because we have each other.

This new album is both a hug and a shoulder to cry on. It’s the best, and the flaws in us. It’s the ability to judge and the need to dance. It’s stories from our childhood and the strength to face tomorrow.

ONE HAND ON THE STARRY PLOUGH is a constellation of beautifully arranged songs and unflinching lyrics that will stay with you through the best and worst of times.

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