Sex, drugs & rock’n’roll, riding high on gasoline on a post-apocalyptic chopper straight into the sunset: Yes, Australian rockers in ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD have it all and will take you on their hellish ride of heavy riffs and dirty rock n roll!

The band’s debut album Supersonic Rock`n`Roll is out now on Napalm Records, and ZOMBIE MOTORS WRECKING YARD are celebrating this very special release day with a brand new video for their track ‘Dead Smile‘! Taken from their freshly baked and just released first full length album Supersonic Rock`n`Roll, watch the band’s new video HERE!

The band comments:

“Well, here it is… the day that will forever be known as they day Super Sonic Rock N Roll dropped onto the unsuspecting metal rock world…haha, we are hanging out, upside down drinking beer today, cheers-ing to the release of our first album.

We cannot wait to get over to Europe and USA to show you what we do live. Our advice, turn up your purchase loud, crack a few tinies and get your partner to do a dance naked while you listen to the sonic boom and clang of Super Sonic Rock n Roll!“

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