Grammy winning songwriter, platinum-selling solo artist, and Creed frontman, Scott Stapp has followed “Purpose For Pain” with “Name” at rock radio. Both will be featured during his six-song summer concert performance live on Friday’s Fox & Friends (8/23).
The new single, remixed for radio, arrives after Stapp’s first album in six years, The Space Between The Shadows, landed top spots on US and UK rock and album charts (charts below).

“Name” speaks about breaking harmful cycles by overcoming, and ending, abuse and abandonment. It has resonated with audiences on The Space Between The Shadows Summer Tour (now extended into October) and at radio appearances where each performance has been met with pin-drop silence and standing ovations for lyrics like:

I am a son without a father. He gave his name and walked away.
I am a man, now a father. And I swear my son will never know that pain.
I was a child, I was abandoned. Too young to fight to have a say.
Oh God what seemed so heavy handed. Made me the man I am today.
It’s so hard to forgive. Even harder to forget.

“Name” also gives the album its title, as Stapp vows to make his hard-learned lessons count:
I will…I will… be the space between the shadows.
I will…I will… be the light inside the sorrow

The Space Between The Shadowsreflects the technicolor clarity of five years of sobriety, self-awareness, and a commitment to connect with others as he roars, rages, and copes with personal and universal injustice.
SCOTT STAPPis a Grammy winning songwriter, the voice of Creed (over 50 million albums sold worldwide), and solo artist. In July 2019, his first album in six years, The Space Between The Shadows, re-introduced Stapp as an evolved artist at the top of his game when it debuted in the Top Five and Top Ten across Rock and Album charts in the US and UK*.
The Space Between The Shadowsreflects the technicolor clarity of five years of sobriety, self-awareness, and an ongoing commitment to connecting with others. Previous solo albums include the platinum-certified The Great Divide (2005) and Proof of Life (2013).
Stapp has consistently delivered anthems of gratitude and optimism to music’s darker side, as with his megahits, “With Arms Wide Open,” “My Sacrifice,” and “Higher.” He is also known for his unflinching examination of his own battles in songs like, “My Own Prison,” and “Slow Suicide.”
Stapp’s journey to find meaning and redemption is ongoing. His efforts to share the silver lining of his survival are also apparent beyond music. He has become an inspiration to others struggling with the often over-lapping illnesses of addiction and depression and he “pays it forward” with his With Arms Wide Open Foundation, which helps military vets and their families with drug addiction, PTSD-triggered mental health issues and suicide prevention. In 2017, the Florida Association of Broadcasters awarded Scott with the Florida Service Award. In 2018 he was inducted into the Florida Music Hall of Fame.

*The Space Between The Shadowsdebuted at:

  • #3 on the Billboard Current Rock Albums chart
  • #3 on the Billboard Current Hard Music Albums chart
  • #4 on the Billboard Record Label Independent Current Albums chart
  • #10 on the Billboard Current Physical Albums chart;
  • #10 on the Billboard Top Current Albums chart
  • #3 on the UK’s official Rock and Metal Chart.

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