Dublin based alt-electronic composer wornoc has released a performance video for his debut single, ‘Signs’, featuring drummers Andrew Marshall (Billie Eilish) and Justin Nace (ex-PVRIS).

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/ZnX7AmT5niA

Stream here: https://ffm.to/wornocmusic

wornoc (Conor Walsh)’s personal attraction towards minimalist instrumental music encompasses his fascinations with static harmony, gradual additive textures, repetition, phase shifts and static instrumentation. His music allows the listener to become mesmerised by the meta-musical properties revealed within his intoxicating fusion of cinematic, intense, emotional and at times, aggressive styles of compositions, driven by infectious grooves, melodic guitar riffs and electronic music.

Far from the typical sounds of the Irish music scene, wornoc provides a spectacular sonic environment for introspections.

‘Signs’ is full of these subtle layers of textural timbres, taking the listener on an unexpected journey into the unknown.

As wornoc comments: wornoc has been in the works for a while now, but I often found myself busy or distracted with life and my alt-punk band, Versive. When Covid hit, I suddenly had a bit more free time on my hands so I had no excuse but to finally lift this project off the ground. Last summer I built a small cosy recording studio in my back garden which pushed me to start writing music that was different to what I usual did. wornoc was born out of my inspiration for film music, electronic music and sound design. ‘Signs’ was the first track I wrote, which came together quite quickly, probably because I was acting on a gut instinct and didn’t feel any pressure to write anything in a certain genre.”

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