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Step into the world of the astonishingly inventive and utterly unique with multi-talented producer maverick Danimal Cannon, set to release his new LP Lunaria on March 11 via Ubiktune.

To coincide with the album news, Metal Injection premiered new track Behemoth,

Danimal Cannon (Daniel Behrens) is a scientist-turned-videogame composer and solo musician. Well regarded in the indie videogame music world, Danimal combines an incredibly eclectic range of influences to create something totally unique. Equal parts industrial, prog rock, electronic – this is 8-bit metal.

The entirety of Lunaria was composed using a 1989 Nintendo Gameboy, resulting in an entirely new musical world. Retro 8-bit timbres complement incredibly tasteful solo guitarwork. Although mostly instrumental, the few vocal tracks on Lunaria (especially the title track and ‘Surveillance’) have a driving industrial/electro-rock tinge.

Sitting comfortably in both the prog and metal worlds, Danimal Cannon’s success in the indie programming/videogame community has seen him tour with Powerglove and The Protomen, as well as playing alongside Animals as Leaders and Chon, and headlining five indie electronic music festivals across the world. Having sold over 10,000 albums previously, the sky’s the limit for this one-of-a-kind musician.

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