Former Sabaton and Astral Doors men are back, back back

Here comes some new Swedish Heaviness out to you!

The Heavy Metallers CIVIL WAR, with featuring former members of SABATON & ASTRAL DOORS are ready to enthrall with their brand new album! Today the title, artwork & release dates have been unveiled!


Gods And Generals will be released via Napalm Records on these following dates:

GSA: 08.05.2015
Europa / AUS: 08.05.2015
USA/CAN: 12.05.2015
UK/NOR/ FR /DK / IT: 11.05.2015
SE/ESP: 06.05.2015

Get ready and be prepared for a CIVIL WAR 2015 with a new masterpiece full of catchy melodies & heavy metal arrangements!

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