We’ve Paid Our Dues To Get Here Say Alunah


In 2014 they’ve awoken the forest, they’ve toured Europe and they’ve stayed true to their doom metal roots. Here, in an interview that was conducted back in October, Alunah tell us all about it

Sitting in the dank back room of Birmingham’s venerable Scruffy Murphy’s venue might not seem the most glamorous of things to do, but Alunah don’t seem bothered.

In a few hours they are to take to the stage that is yards away in the basement bar to launch their superb “Awakening The Forest” album, but there is little sign of any pre-gig nerves.

That might be because, despite their tender years, Alunah are old hands at this. “…..Forest” is album number three (and their first on the major metal label Napalm) but the band have been playing gigs like this for as long as they have been formed. “We’ve made it a plan to get out and play with as many people as possible” friendly frontwoman Soph Day tells us. “We hadn’t played very long at all and we supported Paradise Lost. We just wanted to get out and get the experience.”

MVM mentions to the four piece that we can remember seeing them years ago support Stone Axe not far from here and has followed their career since. Soph smiles at the memory: “They were great shows,” she reminisces. [Alunah supported Stone Axe again the following year too – Ed] “And were part of our journey to get here.”

Alunah are as much a product of the West Midlands as the music they play. Invoking Sabbath and their smokey early overtones, lacing the lyrics with tales of witchcraft, this is authentic heavy metal it it’s very core. With “Awakening The Forest” the band have refined their sound with Soph calling it “the best album we could have possibly made at this point.”

Watching Alunah play the show later that evening it’s hard to disagree. Yes, both literally and metaphorically they are amongst friends, but there is something special, something confident about the alchemy they have put together here. Like they said to us some five hours ago: “We can’t wait to get started.”

Coming soon, we get Alunah’s thoughts on their European tour, and they spill the beans on their dodgy pop past

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