Dutchmen release new song

Dutch death metal band I CHAOS (featuring members of Dew-Scented). “MASTERBLEEDER”,  the 25th of September 2015, now proudly present the opening track “WAKING HELL” on soundcloud:

The band has released the following trailer with a stunning animation of the artwork and a short preview of the track “Glorious Defeat”:


“MASTERBLEEDER” is a concept album dealing with a lost soul entering the treacherous world of Psychiatry and Pharmacy and learning about the daily oppression and mental incarceration of millions of people.

MASTERBLEEDER track listing:

01. Waking Hell (3:30)

02. Ills of Flesh (4:34)

03. Instrument of Tyranny (3:26)

04. Fallen Race (4:22)

05. Blinding Bias (3:50)

06. Sublimation (3:53)

07. Above All That Bleeds (3:10)

08. Glorious Defeat (5:06)

09. Bled Empty (3:22)

10. Ending of a Lie (4:15)


Releasedate: 25th september 2015