Nature is a burning tyre. The lonely crowd stabs fingernails at screens. In a bowtie of bins, the city denies its own. Clatter clatter, buses chatter. Babies dressed as men. Pints all round, the sound of drowning. No rats abandon ship. Call it in before the game, the betting is the end. Ka-ching ka-ching the bells do ring. Cash in while you can. Hastag Untag! Twitter twitter twat. Divided on tube trains, the salad eaters melt under neon. What truths are these to brick a window or burn a statue down? Behold the beaming darkness. You are not the God of Yourself, no, nor of your brother neither. The bowler hats are dead. Seek only Russian Umbrellas! Sing up! For you are free and your desolation is exalted. The baker’s baked a billion pies and now’s the time for eating. Wrap up your dreams in yellow lycra and google your way home. The barcode reader reads itself. Beep beep! No hope, no fear, no end. The rest is never silent.  (John E Vistic)                                            

Called a cult legend by BBC Radio 6’s Tom Robinson and ‘a towering figure on the UK live scene’ (The Metro), John E Vistic is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and award-winning songwriter.  Vistic’s live set is a fireball of punk rock n roll fury and psychedelic mayhem, his five-piece band setting off a stratospheric wall of sound. As BBC’s Sam Bonham says, ‘Vistic doesn’t do things by halves…’.  His musical influences include The Jesus and Mary Chain, Marky Ramone, Jesus Lizard, PIL, Bauhaus, The Stooges, The Birthday Party, The Cramps, Sisters of Mercy, The Cosmic Psychos, Rocket from the Crypt and The Beasts of Bourbon as well as contemporary acts like Idles, Metz and Fontaines DC. Lyrically Vistic’s literary background come to the fore – Shakespeare stalks TS Eliot, Yeats and Pound, Oscar Wilde duals with Malcolm Lowry, and Martin Amis jostles Houllebecq and Harari.  

This coming October 8th sees the release of his new album ’Under the Volcano’, (a ref to the infamous novel by Lowry) via Deafendling Records, recorded with producer Tom Hackwell (Plainviews, Erotic Secrets of Pompeii etc.) at Bristol’s Coach House Studios. Artwork for the album is by the legendary Johnny Stingray (Urban Voodoo Machine etc). The new album has been described as: ‘filthy’ by Damien of Mclusky/St.Pierre Snake Invasion fame and as opening track ‘Sublime Architecture Of Life’ explodes into life and hooks into your skin with its “we’re all in this together” refrain, ‘filthy’ is certainly an apt way to describe the cutting grooves and fuzzed out attitude on display.

You can get a first taste of the album today in new single ‘King Of Rock N Roll’ that splutters into life with a Bikini Kill ‘Rebel Girl’ tribal drumbeat; the song is about is about the emergence of the ‘universal expert’. “Suddenly everyone’s a fucking epidemiologist etc, funnily enough written two years before covid!” exclaims Vistic.

Watch the ‘King Of Rock N Roll’ video HERE:

‘Under The Volcano’ is Inspired by Malcolm Lowry’s island of Gin and Death, Bob Dylan’s Black Diamond Bay (‘seems like there’s always another hard luck story’) Ezra Pound, TS Eliot, WB years, Shakespeare, and the general sin of Hubris. This album is Part One of a Three album Triptych, including ‘Sense of an Ending’ (Part II) and ‘Oblivion’ (Part III). Thanks be to Rabbe Nachman, God and Nietzsche. 

Catch John E Vistic live at the following album launch dates:

Bristol Club Loko (8th Oct) with David Ryder Prangley (Rachel Stamp) and Miss Kill.

London (14th Oct) with David Ryder Prangley and a new band featuring son of Suede guitarist, Bernard Butler, Nambucca London. 


  1. The Sublime Architecture of Death
  2. The King of Rock N Roll 
  3. Psycho Death Cult
  4. It’s Nature
  5. LOUTZ
  6. I am the Shadow 
  7. Long Black Cloud
  8. Heart in Danger
  9. The Moronic Inferno
  10. All Animals Again
  11. Rattlesnake
  12. Sapiens

All songs copyright John E Vistic 2021

Production and additional instrumentation: Tom Hackwell (Coachhouse Studios, Bristol). 

Record label: Deafendling Records, Bristol 2021

Artwork by Johnny Stingray, graphic design by Graham Dalzell

John E Vistic: Songs, Lyrics; Vocals, Guitars, Synths, Piano, Trombone, Violin

Dan Clibery: Drums, BVs

Graham Dalzell: Bass; BVs

Rob Norbury: Guitars; BVs

Bex Sneddon: Sax; Bas

Some more info on John E Vistic:

John E Vistic is a British-Australian, Bristol-based singer-songwriter, and the lead singer and guitarist for The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem. Vistic is also lead guitarist with James Ray and the Blackhearted Riders, most recently touring and playing on their Broken Glass & Bullet Holes album. James Ray is known for his work with Gang War and The Sisters of Mercy. Vistic was lead singer with the band Crippled Black Phoenix on their ‘No Sadness or Farewell’ album and tour. Vistic’s last solo album Welcome Down the Night, was produced by Tristan Longworth (Jon Allen/The Third Degree). It features collaborations with members of Primal Scream, Morcheeba, Jon Allen, the Marc Ford band, and Rachel Stamp, as well as Katey Brooks and Vistic’s own band The John E Vistic Rock N Roll Soundsystem. The Welcome Down the Night and What Will Be EP were described as “…psychedelic country folk, laden with soul and thought-provoking literary lyrics”. Songs from the album received airplay on BBC Radio 6, BBC Bristol, BBC London, Radio Caroline, and Rock UK. Vistic is also known for his session work with bands such as Crippled Black Phoenix, James Ray and the Blackhearted Riders, Emily Breeze, Way Out West and General Midi. John E Vistic has gigged with The Sonics, The Alabama 3, The Jim Jones Revue, David Ryder Prangley, C.W Stoneking, MC Rut, and many others, including gigs at all the main UK Festivals, and repeat gigs in Europe.  

For fans of: Nick Cave, Cosmic Psychos, The Fall, The Sisters of Mercy, PIL, My Bloody Valentine, Frightened Rabbit, Animal Collective, Foals, Black Joe Lewis, Nirvana, Pixies, Franz Ferdinand, Gin Blossoms, Fangclub, Sonic Youth, Rolling Blackouts, And You Will Know Them By the Trail of the Dead

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