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New Haven, CT’s metal titansDEAD BY WEDNESDAY have released “The Surgeon”, the new video directed by Jacques Molle’ from their guest vocalist album THE DARKEST OF ANGELS, via the EMP LABEL GROUP Facebook page, which can be viewed here:

“The Surgeon”, an emotionally-charged acoustic track with unexpected flamenco flair courtesy of Soulfly/Cavalera guitarist Marc Rizzo, has the distinction of being the only track on the album to feature the band’s current full-time vocalist Rob Roy, as well as Rizzo, who was announced earlier this Summer had also joined the band as a full time member.

“The Surgeon” comes in on a lighter note, while the band’s previous single “Live Again” featuring Shadow’s Fall vocalist Brian Fair, is still a monster at Metal radio, debuting on the CMJ Loud Rock charts and getting added to rotation on playlists including SIRIUS XM Liquid Metal, and Full Metal Jackie.

Says Drummer Christian “Opus” Lawrence, “We know we’ll probably take some shit from the “Metal” guys for this track, especially while “Live Again” is still going, and most of the stuff that has been put out from this record so far has been heavier. But it’s such a powerful song, especially right in the middle of so many great brutally heavy tracks. The album really is all over the place, but “The Surgeon” is so powerful and real, and is not only a really amazing showcase of what Rob can do, but also shows a whole other side of the band. We can do heavy. But, yeah, we can do this, too.”

Dead By Wednesday, who will play October 15th at Rock and Shock at The Worcester Palladium with Max and Igor Cavalera, Suicide Silence, Whitechapel, All Hail The Yeti, Combichrist, and more, have released recent teasers for their upcoming full length LP, the first to feature newest members Roy and Rizzo.

The Darkest of Angels features 11 tracks with 11 heavyweight guest vocalists including, Brian Fair (Shadows Fall), Waylon Reavis (A Killer’s Confession, ex-Mushroomhead), AK (Flotsam and Jetsam), John Arch (Fates Warning), Rob Dukes (Fragile Mortals, ex-Exodus), Carley Coma (Candiria), Sean Danielsen (Smile Empty Soul), Paul Stoddard (Diecast), Kris Keyes (formerly Gargauntua Soul), Antony Armageddon (Armageddon) and Ceschi Ramos (Fake Four, Inc.).

Released in May via EMP LABEL GROUP/eOne, (and in August in Europe via Ellefson Music Productions/SPV) The Darkest of Angels, (produced at Dexter’s Lab by Nick Bellmore), is a conceptual nod to Dead By Wednesday’s previous longtime vocalist, who left the band amidst an ongoing battle with substance abuse.

Instead of rushing into a replacement, the band, also featuring guitarist Joey Concepcion and bassist Mike Modeste, decided to create DOA, an entire album featuring tracks sang, and co-written, with guest vocalists, friends from prominent metal bands, each of who has had an impact on their lives. The result is an eclectic and emotional concept album showcasing the raw talent of DBW’s writing, combined with the unique style of each guest vocalist.

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