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New video from the new Tsar

Victor Smolski’s ALMANAC are set to release their debut album Tsar on March 18th via Nuclear Blast. In support of the new album the band have released the official video for ‘Self Blinded Eyes’. The video is a continuation of the album themes and includes some killer performance footage too!

For all the members of Almanac, Tsar is a new, exciting, and very interesting chapter. Traditional metal in conjunction with classical music, world music and elements of Russian folklore with a modern sound all make Almanac a compelling and absolute listening experience.

Singer David Readman states:
“When I was first asked by Victor to join the band I felt very honoured to be a part of a new great band, I have to admit I was very uncertain where we would go musically with the band, and this was my feeling even as I entered the studio a few weeks ago.

As soon as we started to record it was very clear to me that this would be a great collaboration of musicians creating a masterpiece…

The whole experience from the first pre-production recording in my home studio and writing lyrics, to finally getting the real emotion on tape with Seeb and Victor was an evolution.

Some records are difficult to make, but this was just easy!”

Fans with an interest in deeper subjects including history and culture will also be able to dive into a new world with Tsar, which combines historic and modern parallels that will surprise many. From the warlike nomadic horsemen in the steppes of Russia, to the tsardom, Ivan the Terrible, warlike Cossacks who dominate the Tatar, the siege of Constantinople and the Mongol invasion are stories about battles, wars, intrigue, conquest, terror, power and love that can be heard vocally using the different styles of the singer’s voices.

The Limited Edition version of the album features a bonus DVD with more than two hours playing time! The track list and DVD features can be seen below:


01. Tsar
02. Self Blinded Eyes
03. Darkness
04. Hands Are Tied
05. Children Of The Future
06. No More Shadows
07. Nevermore
08. Reign Of Madness
09. Flames Of Fate



Bonus DVD – Chapter overview:
01. Self-Blinded Eyes
02. Tsar (Lyric Video)
03. Making-of Tsar
04. The Making Of ‘Self-Blinded Eyes’
05. Winter Masters Of Rock
06. Instruments & Techniques
07. Bandinterview
08. Outtakes
09. Studio Bits
10. B-Roll
11. Unity Music School
12. Credits

Pre-order Tsar from Amazon:

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