Melbourne Australia’s Zenith Moon have created quite a stir over the last few months by releasing 3 critically acclaimed singles Going Under, Gypsy and Fight For Me via Golden Robot Records.

Zenith Moon’s latest single, Illuminate to be released on 27th October, is a run in with self-doubt. When doubt settles in, the very things that give you joy can become your greatest nightmare. Illuminate is about seeing your way through the darkness.

Drawing from indie-rock and dream-pop, Illuminate is as soft as the rising sun. With a groove built upon African cross rhythms, Andie (drums/keys) throws his full musical weight behind the kit, making every note heavy with emotion. Kalliope (vocals) is powerful yet beautifully intimate in her performance and Matt (guitars) juxtaposes beautiful colour and an emotive rawness that delicately draws you in.

An unmistakably powerful offering, Illuminate is the swan song of doubt, one that will settle under your skin for a long time to come.

ZENITH MOON is the collaborative efforts of fretboard nomad Matt (guitar), astrologically colliding with Kahli (vocals) and Andie (drums). All three bring a different influence to the table: Kahli lifts smooth vocals straight from the late Mrs Franklin then smashes it with 70’s rock, 90’s RnB and modern pop, Andie brings the drum kit to the forefront with dizzyingly sensational rhythms spawned by progressive rock and jazz fusion, and Matt ties things together with soulful licks – his roots are grown all the way to depths of blues (with a scenic detour or two via Pink Floyd).

The one thing that unites them all is a motivating desire to express themselves as honestly as they know how. They’re here to lighten the mood, make you cry, make you dance, and most of all, make you nod your head up and down while you say “Mmmm, that’s the stuff.”

Pre-order/save Illuminate HERE

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