The monumental Heat Inc. have delivered the last ever love song you’re ever gonna need. The anthemic Your After Love Song erupts from the speakers with its corroded garage-rock riff and will grip any listener from the very first hearing and simply refuse to let go.
Released through Melted Dino Records, Your After Love Song is “a love song, like a lot of songs but it’s sort of unparalleled in the way it pairs that high gloss, rock ‘n’ roll production with that level of volume. Somehow, it maintains a supra-melodic nature while turning it all the way up past twelve.” – explain the band.
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Your after love song is – HEAVY! Talk about harping back to a time, Pixies, Soundgarden, Faith No More… Kinda no nonsense.” exclaimed the Libertines’ GaryPowell.
Any schmuck can write a sappy love song but it’s the songs that examine the detritus of relationships that are usually much more interesting. And with “Your After Love Song” The Heat Inc. have contributed a most worthy song to this genre. The evolution of the girlfriend from a naked sun-worshiping nymph to a frothing horror movie fifty-foot femme fatale is mirrored in the searing guitar licks and the strident vocals. Everyone who’s ever had their heart broken can appreciate this sublime single” – Larry “Ratso” Sloman, author of On the Road with Bob Dylan and recording artist.
Describing themselves as a “Rock and Roll band”, The Heat Inc. recorded Your After Love Song and its scorching predecessor Raptors, at RYP Recording Studios in North West London, with Michael Smith (Elvis Costello) producing. Both songs are taken from their forthcoming debut EP.
“The Heat Inc. show you how to improve on two guitars, bass and drums – one guitar, bass and drums! Straight to the point, no messing, solid.” – Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey)
Great rock and roll has always been alchemical and elevating and currently no band does this better than The Heat Inc.
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