Today, quirky pop darlings The Daylilies drop their first full-length album “From America. . .” with ten songs of dystopian panic you can dance to.  The accompanying single and video ‘Ode to TV’ is a sardonic take on our obsession with screen time, especially when we are the ones onscreen. The album itself turns disillusionment into a gorgeous soundscape, with Laura England Klain’s distinctive vocals front and center spinning dew-strung webs of loss and redemption. Mixed and mastered by the mighty Mike Quinn, the sounds are lush and arresting. 

“Remember when rock was weird? Not weird and self-important like Radiohead or Muse, but legit weird like Talking Heads at CBGBs or the B-52’s at an Athens house party or Mission of Burma at the Rat. You do! Great, so do the Daylilies.” Jed Gottlieb, The Boston Herald


Catch their record release party this Saturday June 25 at the Crystal Ballroom in Union Square, Somerville, with Freezepop, Carissa Johnson, and  Telelectrix, info here: