Neonfly released to YouTube today an acoustic cover of Edguy’s classic power ballad “Save Me” from their 2006 album “Rocket Ride”. The song, with an accompanying self-shot and self-edited video, is part of an ongoing series of fan-picked acoustic covers that Neonfly recorded earlier this year during the COVID-19 lockdown in London.

The covers were picked by fans last year as part of a highly successful crowdfunding campaign that Neonfly organised, that has financed their upcoming 3rd album, ‘The Future Tonight’ with Grammy-Award nominated producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral for a Friend) and Miro Rodenberg (Avantasia) on keys and orchestral arrangements.

Details about the album release will be revealed soon. In the meantime, fans can enjoy a new acoustic cover weekly on Thursdays, including this week’s cover of Edguy. Other artists that Neonfly has covered so far include: Marillion, Joe Cocker and Threshold. The list of yet to-be-released songs is truly varied and eclectic and the band have placed their distinctive stamp on all of them. With some really unexpected choices long-time fans, and others new to Neonfly, are sure to be intrigued & entertained until the release of the new album.

You can follow the band on social media @NeonflyUK for their latest acoustic covers and more exclusive content.

Neonfly are:
Willy Norton – Vocals

Frederick Thunder – Guitars

Paul Miller – Bass

Declan Brown – Drums

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