Things Get Loud For Obsidian Key


Brit Prog band who have just released a new album, stop by to tell us all about it.

One of the most refreshing things about talking to musicians as we have done this site, is just how down to earth and humble they are.

Even stranger, it’s true to say that it’s the most talented who often are the most self-deprecating. Although, even allowing for that Paulo Zaino seems not to be aware how good he is.

Paulo is Obsidian Key. A Brighton based Prog band. They/he have just released their new album “Loud” (a snippet of one of the tracks from it is below) and evidently it’s been a labour of love for the man behind these songs.

Speaking to him now he says: “I hope I can play and write music half of what my music heroes do,” with typical modesty. “It’s all about the music, I’m not very much into fame, just hope for a decent economical return of investment so I can keep producing this music.”

“This music” as he puts it is superior prog metal. The bits we’ve heard of “Loud” tell you that, but to Paulo it’s all to do with a higher power: “Thanks God there are peeps out there who enjoys what I do.”

The supremely talented Paulo plays nearly all the instruments on Loud, as he confirms. “Obsidian Key is fundamentally a one man band, I do play all the instruments and enjoy some collaboration with my friends or artists I like.”

The result is something that Zaino, who works as a session musician when he hasn’t got his prog hat on, can be rightfully and immensely proud of.

You can connect with the band here – and MVM hopes to have more from Paulo very soon.

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