They Just Won’t Shut Up and Babylon – Winger Release New Track


Hot on the heels of their last video, US hard rockers Winger are at it again. Kip talks us through the new track.

‘Queen Babylon’ is the new music video by U.S melodic hard rock band Winger.

“Soundwise, ‘Queen Babylon’ is classic first-album Winger meets Winger of today” explains Winger frontman Kip Winger. “This video features the exclusive, unreleased extended audio version of the song with a dual solo from Reb [Beach] and John [Roth] at the end that isn’t featured on the album version. It is also the first video to include our original keyboardist Paul Taylor since [1990’s] ‘In the Heart of the Young.’

““I have three different things I do: solo records, classical music and the band. And the sound of Winger is when Reb plays guitar and I play bass, and we write from that perspective,” Winger explained in an interview with Songfacts. “It’s really helped my rock writing to have studied composition for so long, because I can now take a riff that normally any given band might repeat four times, and then move to the next thing … Bach never did anything more than three times, so there’s a whole plethora of s— that I do on both levels. One feeds the other.”

‘Queen Babylon’ is the 5th music video to be taken from the band’s latest album ‘Better Days Comin’ – following clips for ‘Rat Race’ ‘Midnight Driver Of A Love Machine’ ‘Tin Solider’ and ‘Better Days Comin’.

Check it out for yourself here:

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