Headed by singer/guitarist Freddy J IV, Left Lane Cruiser is a bona fide blues rock band from the American Midwest. Far from pretending to be rambling hobos for the sake of a manufactured image (wink to Seasick Steve), Left Lane Cruiser has been genuinely living the blues for over a decade, bringing its freestyle jams to crowds all over the world.

Shake and Bake, the band’s new album, was cooked up in a van rolling heavy on the highway, headed by two baked and juiced musicians, veering across the lines, desperately steering towards rest and redemption at the nearest parking lot. It is a record about the juice that keeps the crowd dancing, the smoke that keeps the minds lifted. This is as real it gets.

Recorded “old school” analog by Jason Davis in his Fort Wayne’s studio, and with a cover by legendary artist William Stout (Ramones, Fred McDowell, Iggy Pop), Shake and Bake has a heavy sound and a big heart. For Left Lane Cruiser the blues is enduring and easy to feel.
Left Lane Cruiser is: Freddy J IV [guitar, vocals, bass], Pete Dio [drums, percussion] and Jason Davis [organ]
Left Lane Cruiser’s Shake and Bake will be available May 31st on Limited Edition Vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Alive Naturalsound Records. Click here to listen to LLC’s new title track “Shake and Bake” on your favorite streaming platform.
1. Two Dollar Elvis
2. Shake and Bake
3. Smoke Keep Rising
4. Breaking You Down
5. Smooth Commander
6. Roll Me
7. Sweat Love to Shine
8. Mule Plow Line
9. The Waltz
10. Detroit House Party