Bernard finds hidden depths in Classic Rock’s hotly tipped new breed

The first listen of this album from Brooklyn band The Golden Grass suggested a big 70’s influence to the sound, reminiscent of any number of American bands of that era.

However repeated listens have revealed hidden depths to the music. So whilst there is plenty of ‘boogie’ style guitar, the harmony vocals and song melodies reveal some 60’s tinges with a strong Brit connection. ‘Get It Together ‘opens the album in fine rocking style and is one of the more accessible tracks, appearing instantly familiar. ‘Reflections’ is next and this is a track that has much more going on, with touches of psychedelia and lush vocals. ‘Shadow Traveller’ is guitar orientated and its boogie style could put it on a Foghat record from 1975.

It also has some nice blues harmonica to embellish what is already a great song. Track 4 ‘Hazy Daybreak’ is a short instrumental number, with some gentle acoustic guitar that is part Led Zeppelin and part Wishbone Ash. This paves the way for ‘Down The Line’, which is ten minutes of guitar boogie that is about as ‘Southern’ as they get. It is a great song which for me is the highlight of the album, with plenty of guitar soloing as part of the instrumental passage in the middle of the song. ‘See It Through’ closes the album in fine style and this one actually rocks a bit more, having its roots in the heyday of 70’s guitar rock. So all in all another band that I was not initially familiar with have delivered a really good album that rewards repeated listening to fully reveal all it’s quality.