The End Of An Era


Damian gives his thoughts on the sad passing of Eddie Clarke

I`m not sure if it`s that i`m getting old but when I heard the news today of “Fast” Eddie Clarke`s passing. I really felt it was the end of an era – NO MORE MOTORHEAD !!!

I first saw what I refer to as the classic Motorhead of Lemmy Kilmister, “Fast” Eddie Clarke and Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor at the Birmingham Odeon in April 1979 on the Overkill Tour. I manged to get a ticket for the show, downstairs, one row from the back in this wonderful 2400 capacity venue. They were supposed to be loud and f**king hell they were. A couple of numbers in and I was ever so grateful that I was at the back. I couldn`t believe that there were guys at the front trying to put their heads inside the speakers.

I loved the Odeon. It was the sort of place you could get backstage and meet the band after the gig and this one was no different. I managed to get back and get my ticket and a Green Vinyl copy of `Overkill` that had been released the month before, signed by the guys. They were the nicest fellas you could wish to meet and were in no hurry to get shot of all us backstage muppets. I still have my ticket today but gave the vinyl to a French friend in the 1980`s. A quick perusal of ebay and a copy is on there for just under £75 and it`s not even signed!!

This really was the one and only time I saw this line up. When I saw them next it was August 1986 at The Monsters of Rock Festival at Castle Donnington and Fast & Philthy were out and Wurzel and Wizzo were in.

I have to admit I liked Motorhead but they were never in my top ten but what endeared them to me was that they were the quintessential English no f**king nonsense hard rock band and you knew what you were getting. An hour and a half to two hours of in your face, controlled noise. Take it or leave it. That`s why I love seeing the MOTORHEAD England shirts – it`s like need we say more?? So I did have a little sigh to myself today on hearing of Eddie`s passing and will raise a glass to all three of them next time I go for a refreshing beverage.

Thanks for the memories boys.

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