Today, France’s most visionary progressive metal band NOVELISTS FR have released their brand new and highly acclaimed album ‘C’est La Vie’! To celebrate the new album the band also released the music video for ‘Modern Slave’! Watch it here:

Buy and/or stream the new album ‘C’est La Vie’ here:

‘C’est La Vie’ tracklist:
01. Somebody Else
02. Deep Blue
03. Lilly
04. Modern Slave
05. C’est La Vie
06. Head Rush
07. Kings Of Ignorance
08. Rain
09. Human Condition

Watch the music video for ‘C’est La Vie’ here:
Watch the official audio stream for ‘Somebody Else’ here:
Watch the music video for ‘Head Rush’ here:

‘Eyes Wide Shut’ here:
‘L’appel Du Vide’
‘A Bitter End’
‘Under Different Welkins’
‘The Light, The Fire’
Playthrough of ‘Heal The Wound’
Order the album ‘Noir’ (2017) here:
Order the album ‘Souvenirs’ (2015) here: