Irresistible pop-punk rascals PUNK ROCK FACTORY are celebrating the release of their new album by sharing a brand new single and video. Made world famous by pop icons ABBA when their now classic single shot to #1 in multiple countries in 1974, ‘Mamma Mia‘ also became the title track of the smash-hit musical that launched in 1999.

PRF’s reimagined version of ‘Mamma Mia‘ – streaming here – is just one of 11 high octane, certified bangers on their rabidly anticipated, musicals themed new album, It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through, out today.

Having reworked the song, PUNK ROCK FACTORY have paid faithful homage to ABBA‘s original video for the track – recreating it frame by frame, right down to the white boots and hair styles.

The band elaborate, “We were already aware of the accompanying iconic video that the original song had. So we thought how absolutely hilarious it would be if we could recreate that video shot for shot. We love having fun with our videos, and we love any excuse to make idiots of ourselves so this was right up our street.

We got to work on trying to match the outfits as much as we possibly could (it’s not easy finding size 12 knee high boots)! We painstakingly looked for every element of each of the outfits and anything else you see in the video and we synced the original video to our track so we could learn our parts and make sure every little nuance was copied.

We shot the video at Band Studios in Bristol with our good friend Jay Hillyer after a very long drive back from our sold out show in Glasgow the previous day. We had the original video on a screen in front of us to make sure we could copy every part of the video as closely as we possibly could, and then spent most of the day in fits of tears laughing back at takes.

Mamma Mia is definitely one of our favourites from our new musicals themed album. We think it came out great and this has to be one of the most ridiculous videos we’ve ever had the pleasure of working on. We hope everyone finds it as funny as we did. Our hope is we can get it in front of ABBA, and hope they find it as funny!!

A most splendid visual spectacular, watch it here or by clicking the thumbnail below.

New album, It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through, is self-released today. The band comment, “As we are a completely DIY operation, we adapt and learn each time we make a record, from the arrangement to production to how we work as a collective. We’ve created a record that we’re truly proud of and we hope it has the balls to stand up with all the other amazing bands out there on the scene today.”

Rock N Load scored it 10/10, declaring, “The perfect next step for these guys… this is just another masterpiece.”

The Razor’s Edge praised, “There is a joyous feeling the band put over in the music and it’s infectious.”

Moshville enthused, “PRF have this incredibly annoying knack of making everything they play sound like fun. If you have heard the original version, then it helps (and you can really appreciate what they’ve done with it). If you haven’t then you usually end up wanting to, just so you can compare it to the punk-poptastic sensation you just bounced through. Such was the case with me as I listened to It’s Just A Stage… Over and over again.”

Punktastic favourably concluded, “The good news? ‘It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through’ absolutely stands up as a pop-punk album. The bad news?  You will have these songs living rent-free in your brain forever… ‘It’s Just A Stage We’re Going Through’ was meant to be fun, candy floss nonsense from a set of absolute professionals to get both young and old feet bouncing, and it absolutely achieves that goal.” 

Distorted Sound summed up, “PUNK ROCK FACTORY have truly broken the mould with this release… Whether you’re a fan of musicals, or punk rock, or both, this album is a feel-good party-inducing release. It genuinely can be enjoyed by a vast audience, which is exactly why PUNK ROCK FACTORY have such a growing fanbase.”

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