NICK BARKER releases new single ‘Hell Sux‘, out now on Golden Robot Records.

Listen to Hell Sux here:

Nick Barker has been a familiar painting hanging on the walls of the Australian music scene since the late 1980s. He further rose to prominence with his band The Reptiles, releasing the hit cover version of Steve Harley’s ‘Make Me Smile’.

‘Hell Sux’ is the opening track from Barker’s personal favourite album,1998’s Damn Mermaids. At the time, Barker played as part of a raw 3-piece band featuring Linc Jones on bass and the late Craig Whitelock on drums. Recorded live and loud, ‘Hell Sux’ is all Marshall amps and 1958 Les Paul Juniors.The remastered version of ‘Hell Sux’ is out now on all digital platforms via Golden Robot Records.

Barker recently also released a remastered version of the original track ‘Where I Wanna Be’ (feat. Felicity Urquhart)‘Where I Wanna Be’ and the upcoming single ‘Hell Sux’ both come from the upcoming release Ones You Missed–Vol.1.

Buy/Listen to ‘Hell Sux’HERE