Surfbort are now living in animation form thanks to the sterling work by directors, Glendon and Isabella who worked tirelessly to bring this incredible animated video for new single ‘Hi Anxiety’ to life. The single is the lead track from their debut album ‘Friendship Music’ released in the UK on June 7th via Cult, Fat Possum Records.

“I loved the director’s style and wrote a quick script, that we recorded the dialogue for, into my phone while we were driving on tour with Black Lips and Iceage,” explains guitarist Alex Kilgore. “Gibby sent his part back to us quickly and the entire video came together by the time we arrived home. The part where the road kill come back to life was directly influenced by one night when Sean hit a giant deer in Wyoming and we all almost died. He was so distraught over it I was just screaming because I had headphones on and had been sleeping and thought we were all going to die. I thought it would be funny if all the road kill came back to life and pushed the annoying humans off the cliff and all the animals broke out of their zoo prisons. Glendon and Isabella then had the great idea about the aliens in the CIA Building!”

Surfbort’s latest energy packed shows at Test Pressing and The Great Escape in the UK saw the New York band destroy more packed out venues as their mission to bring love to audiences worldwide rolls forward. Led by the irresistible Dani Miller, a front woman with a star wattage so assured and unaffected she will win over even the staunchest disbelievers, and backed by veteran rockers PowellKilgore, and HeadSurfbort has swiftly become Brooklyn’s “it” band. Surfbort songs are smart, well crafted, timely, and break far beyond the shackles of punk.

This coming June 7th sees the UK release of Surfbort’s debut album in the UK, ‘Friendship Music‘, through Cult/Fat Possum Records. It houses seventeen songs of raging, gloriously fuzzy punk rock that is as equally birthed in the old-school as it is in the NOW and feels vital and alive. There are songs about 21stcentury overstimulation (‘Hi Anxiety’), wealth discrepancy (‘Feed’), love being the only antidote to the capitalist hellscape (‘Les Be In Love’), being held down by the work force system (‘Rats’).

There are cries of help, cries of celebration. There are songs of love and there are songs of hate. John Doe of called it “one of the 10 greatest punk rock records of all times” and both Debbie Harry and Chris Stein of Blondieclaimed Surfbort are their favourite band.

Friendship Music’ is a sharp beam of light cutting through one of America’s darkest times. Order it from

Surfbort are:
Dani Miller- vocals
Alex Kilgore- guitar
David Head Jr.- guitar
Sean Powell- drums

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