Submissions Policy

At Maximum Volume Music we are very proud to cover music from diverse genres. However, we have a very small team and time is at a premium.

Being honest nearly all of what we use comes from labels and PR companies – but we will look at self-submitted material too.

MV has grown to the point where we now receive hundreds of emails a day, so please bear in mind the following.

  1. I WILL look at EVERY submission we get to the website
  2. I WILL get back to you if we are going use your submission
  3. I can no longer reply to every email
  4. Do not chase your first submission. I’ve got it, if you sent to the right place, if you didn’t then that’s your fault. If you don’t hear from me, it won’t be used.
  5. Me or the rest of the guys will review albums only if we like them – none of us can be bothered to write negative stuff as it is pointless, counterproductive and a waste of precious time.
  6. Whichever one of the team does review your stuff will always try to complete album reviews before release date where applicable – although please remember that all of us have real jobs and most of the guys have actual grown up lives. I don’t, which is why I do this!
  7. Only albums submitted via email HERE will be reviewed. Anyone who posts a link on the Facebook page for review will be ignored. I no longer allow Facebook messages, and I never look at the timeline so don’t post anything there either.
  8. Anything that clogs up my inbox with MP3’s or WAV’s in raw format is immediately deleted. Dropbox is not hard to use, if you can’t then that’s your issue, not mine. 
  9. The overriding things here are two-fold. First, this is my hobby, not my job, and your band – however important it is to you – is probably not the best band in the world (unless your band is Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, The Wildhearts, The Almighty, you’re actually Bruce Springsteen or you’ve got an album as good as “Appetite For Destruction” that you think I need to hear). Second – this is probably the most crucial – there are brilliant websites out there who love to focus on unsigned bands and the local scenes up and down the land. MVM is not that website and we are never going to be. It’s not what I enjoy and I do this for fun.

That all being said, if you still think I’d like your band, then send your stuff

Andy, Editor, Maximum Volume Music. April 2018.