US hard rockers Who On Earth have released a new single today entitled ‘Ascension/Unbeaten’. A dramatic orchestral introduction composed by Michael James Romeo of Symphony X eventually gives way to an acoustic version of the song ‘Unbeaten’ from the group’s recently issued debut album ‘Blame’. Further embellishments courtesy of Romeo, ‘Blame’ producer Mike Orlando (Adrenaline Mob), plus additional vocals from singer Jillian Blair add an extra layer of beauty to the emotionally charged song, which delivers a powerful message of perseverance.

‘Ascension/Unbeaten’ also showcases the musical versatility of the New Jersey based group, providing evidence of their capacity for writing anthems with crossover potential. They explain that “it is no coincidence that we are releasing this on the first day of spring, as it is a song about rebirth and reawakening with renewed strength and power. It is a triumphal story of overcoming life obstacles with the help of others, facing seemingly insurmountable circumstances or odds and prevailing by tapping into a strength we didn’t know we had.”

They add: “we believe this song is important for anyone who has dealt with trauma, addiction or loss and it could be an anthem for those humble warriors who have survived adversity, are grateful and destined to pay it forward, to give back what was so freely given to them!”


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