‘2020 Visions’, released on 12 June 2020 on 333 Records, decisively furthers Petit’s revolutionary approach and ardent love affair with the blues. Out of the starting gate, title track “2020 Visions” winds itself up into a sonic sling-shot, blasting into an irresistibly driving blues tour-de-force. “The Fall Of America” strides imperiously through the darkness of current events taking no prisoners and on “Roxie’s Song”, a masterclass in the uniquely direct and powerful ability of guitar strings to pull on the human heart if played by the right pair of hands, Petit conjures deep aching, longing and sadness in a beautiful tribute to a lost love.

A rousing reworking of Blind Willie Johnson’s “The Soul Of A Man”, supercharged by searing vocal abrasives from The Great Shemekia Copeland and funky pumping harp from The Great Paul Jones, is an instantly engaging dancefloor classic, whilst the jazzy blues of 21st-century ragtime “On Top” segues seamlessly into a razor-sharp, riotous reading of “Long Tall Shorty” with guitar served flambé at your table. “Raw” fearlessly confronts loss and grief with fire and fury… here, the pain explicit, visceral. “Tinderbox”, a filthy-dirty celebration of sweaty sex kicks off disc 2, followed by “The Ending Of The End” an affecting meditation on one of the album’s reoccurring emotional themes, love and it’s price, which begins with as magisterial a channeling of the spirit and soul of BB King as anyone’s performed since the heyday of Peter Green and Mike Bloomfield. It’s lyric/music/mood marriage is also a high water mark for Petit as a songwriter. A cheeky nailing of “Steppin’ Out” bestows otherworldly heights of higher six-string powers upon us, to bring the penultimate side to a close. “Makin’ It” re-asserts the survival instinct of the human spirit and the will to triumph over adversity featuring a haunting mini-suite of soulful reflection, “Sputnik Days” is a consummate guitar showcase for the ages, tailor made for driving at speed and “Zombie Train” nods and winks knowingly at huckster fake-news, revelling in a groove so deep that it never ends, resulting in the album’s only fade-out.

And the performances! Lightning-in-a-bottle captured expertly by sonic-genius Vance Powell, you have a 3 piece band firing on far more cylinders than they logically have a right to. Sophie Lord (bass) and Jack Greenwood (drums) turn in performances which astonish, disturb, seduce and convince.

Lyrically Petit hat-tips William Yeats, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Karl Marx, Blind Willie Johnson, Christina Rosetti and John the Revelator in painting an incisive and compelling glimpse of the bigger picture. The intricate lyrical tapestry and kaleidoscopic soundscape are exquisitely reflected and enhanced by the album’s spectacular artwork (Petit had to pass a musical audition before Klaus Voormann would consent to set his hand to brush, pen and keyboard).

A new decade arrives and ushers in a new age. A new album soundtracks the fascinating upheaval, a musical manifesto distils the exhilaration and foreboding turmoil. A users guide to living, as the 20’s roar again. Today, let the word go forth: “2020 Visions”! You’d better wear shades.


Thu 26 March, The 100 Club, LONDON
Fri 27 March, The Platform, MORECAMBE
Sat 28 March, Ripley Town Hall, RIPLEY
Mon 30 March, Bannermans, EDINBURGH
Sun 05 April, Bluefunk Club, POYNTON
Sat 02 May, Borough Blues Club, CWMBRAN
Fri 15 May, The Rec Rooms, HORSHAM
Fri 17 July, Upton Blues Festival, UPTON