FM’s keyboard wiz Jem Davis today releases his brand-new, imagination-infused,  solo album ‘Adventures in Pepperland’, aided and abetted by talented friends from the world of rock.

Pepperkid2 is theplayful monikerthat Jem Davis has adopted for his solo album, ‘Adventures in Pepperland’.

Drawing inspiration from the diversity, playfulness and free reinJem deliberately designed this album to be a peppery smorgasbord of treats: one that offers listeners a rich, varied, joyful experience.

“I’m really excited to be releasing my first solo album, under the guise of Pepperkid2,” says Jem, “It came about during lockdown when I moved to a place that had a ready-built studio. Christening it ‘Electric Pepperland Studios’, I got down to some serious writing and it soon became apparent that I had a ton of ideas that didn’t fit in with the FM remit!

“The situation gave me more freedom to experiment: to see what Logic Pro could do; to try new keyboard sounds; to have fun with sampled guitars/drums; and to generally go crazy and just let the music flow!

“I’ve been lucky enough to call on my good friend Mike Dyer (of Grand Slam fame) who agreed to be the main voice of the project, and to also drag in my fellow FM bandmates Jim Kirkpatrick and Steve Overland to lend their voices to a couple of tunes too.

“Although the majority of the music/lyrics were written, played/programmed by my good self, I did want some real guitar for a few solos so I asked another good friend of many years — Nigel Spennewyn — who came up trumps, especially on ‘Breath of Life’, which to me is the standout song on the album: very much a song of the times, and I’m really proud of the lyrics too!

“When it came to a guitar solo for the rocker ‘After the Rain’, I was over the moon when my old bandmate from UFO — the incredible Laurence Archer — obliged with a complete face melter!

“I’m over the Moon with the end result: bespoke artwork by Quentin Russell, included — the whole thing looks and sounds amazing!

“It’s a rollercoaster of an album, but I’m sure you’ll find something you like when you come along for the ride!

“So, dear reader, if you’re wanting to go on a ‘journey’ — as the reality TV voiceover would say — then look no further: Come with me to Pepperland!”

If you’ve a taste for melodic and creative, high-quality, rock, ‘Adventures in Pepperland’ needs to be on your RADAR. You’re sure to get your money’s worth with this album, both from the strength and quality of the individual tracks AND the musical diversity you’ll find on the album! Not to mention the great replay value as you’re sure to find favourites you’ll listen to, over and over.

After The Rain Official Video https://youtu.be/qZNTX39KMZI

All aboard!

Now available to download or stream from all digital platforms



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pepperkid2

Website: http://www.Pepperkid2.com/

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