The Sound Of Summer?


French metal label branches out into something a little more chilled

Check out the official teaser video, cover and credits from À l’Aube Fluorescente’s debut album “Taking my Youth”, coming out soon for Overdub Recordings (Worm Hole Death)/Code 7.

“Romantic and voluptuous,sensual and nostalgic.Orange is the color of dreams. Ethereal and dreamy simply pulses from its core. Our Youth is just like summer. “This is not life, it is a stolen season”.

Teaser :


1 Wiser
2 Crave (No Other Gods)
3 Lover/Liar
4 Taking My Youth
5 The king of air castles
6 Lizard (feat. Dayan El Zweig)
7 Gloom
8 Brand New Stupid Words
9 Venetian Green Room


Marco Arcobelli (La Dodicesima Notte) – backing vocals in “Crave (No Other Gods)”
Giuseppe Cillo (La Dodicesima Notte) – Noise Guitar in “Wiser”
Dayan El Zweig (Delibra) – Additional Vocals in “Lizard”
Giorgio Di Giannatonio – Drum Coaching

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