Taken from the upcoming full length release “Charts & Graphs” due out worldwide July 23rd on these mighty fine labels: Stardumb Records (Vinyl LP), Rum Bar Records (CD), Memorable But Not Honorable (Cassette). Charts & Graphs, Palmer’s latest LP, is stacked with ten killer tunes ranging from punk rock to power pop to even some indie rock. 
Hailing from Portsmouth, NH, Geoff Palmer’s first claim to fame was The Guts, a world-class, pop-punk band that has toured the world and released some highly-regarded classics. Next to The Guts, Palmer played, recorded, and/or toured with bands such as The Queers, the Nobodys, the Kurt Baker Band, The Connection, and more. Twenty-nineteen saw him release Pulling Out The Stops, the first album under his own name, which reached a lot of praise in both power pop and pop-punk circles.