worthy of or causing shame or disgrace.

‘The Shameful is a song that reflects the world of bias and misinformation that we are living in today. Government and media are in increasingly bending perceptions to their own narrative and it is becoming common place. This gaslighting and brainwashing creates false narrative and distorts reality for many people and is causing anger, hurt, pain, division and distrust in society.’

Amongst Liars are Ian George (vocals), Leo BurdeR (guitar), Ross Towner (bass), Adam Oarton (drums), James Brum (keys)

A 6ght powerhouse of a band; urgent, ques6oning, loud and fierce. Together they play heavy and direct modern rock’n’roll: massive riffs and powerful, melodic choruses, fuzzy guitar, pummelling drums and bass, pin-balling between heavy alterna6ve rock, grunge and punk. They also have a lyricist who can’t help but use his band as a planform to air anxie6es and raise questions about the world we live in.

Debut self-6tled album was released in July 2022 to cri6cal acclaim and The Shameful is the first release from their sophomore album ‘By Design’, scheduled for release in March 2024.

Amongst Liars are on tour suppor6ng Theory of a Deadman in September 2023. 

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