The Savageness Of Machines


Danish band take you on a journey

Savage Machine from Denmark reckon they are a band which revives classic heavy metal and carries on the torch for the kings of metal. Energetic guitars, a galloping bass, thundering drums and roaring vocals are the trademarks. Let the Savage Machine roll!

“We place our faith in mass religion. Correct the minds of different visions. Beyond the horizon something glows. The Iron Forest Grows!” they tell us.

Through the Iron Forest takes you on an epic journey through the moral, the psyche and the unavoidable destinies of the human experience. Operating within a genre all to under represented in Denmark, Savage Machine are quite clear: The band offers no bullshit, just old school heavy metal,” they say. Ask them for their message and it’s much the same: “Turn everything up to 11, crack open a cold one, let your hair down and let the Savage Machine roll.”

Sorted. Here’s their latest video. It proves they aren’t lying.


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