YOSSI SASSI & THE ORIENTAL ROCK ORCHESTRA have released their new album “PreDiluvian” today, March 13th, available now on all digital platforms. To celebrate the release Yossi Sassi has revealed their second single and video ‘Armaros Fall’ feat. Ross Jennings.

“Prediluvian”, is the new album by Oriental Rock / Metal innovator, YOSSI SASSI, together with his “Oriental Rock Orchestra”. This is Yossi’s 6th solo album, and the 5th since leaving “Orphaned Land” (after composing & recording ‘All is One’), the oriental metal band he co-founded, and created a worldwide genre.

The new album includes 12 new tracks, electric, acoustic & diverse. “In the new album I’ve ‘drifted back’ to my electric guitar, and it is full with loads of guitar riffs, alongside our unique blend of oriental
progressive rock”, Says Sassi, “The album’s title and concept relate to a period in time chronicled between the fall of man and the genesis flood. History just keeps repeating, and while writing and brainstorming, I felt this would be a proper framework to gather various feelings and capture some of the essence of this current period in humanity. In 2002 I created the successful ‘Mabool’ album and concept along with my brothers in ‘Orphaned Land’, so it felt only natural to go back – before the flood. Playing and creating with time, and as usual, the clocks keep melting”.

The album includes a guest apprance of Sassi’s longtime friend and musical collaborator, the amazing Ross Jennings, the lead singer for “HAKEN”. This is Jennings’ second appearance on Sassi’s albums and the joint song, “Armaros Fall” hits as an offical single and video with the release of the new album.

The album was recorded at Black Rock Studios in the Island Of Santorini, making the exclusive mediterranean venue a musical home for Sassi and the gang, as this is the 3rd album recorded on the Island. “One of the most amazing things about creating our music and albums is the privilege to deepen our friendship”, says Sassi, “Whether it’s waking up in the morning and naturally sliding into a sunrise jam by the sea or in the living room or after dinner late at night, sharing ideas into the small hours. It’s the bond that makes us create better music”.

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