A Thursday evening at the Bilston Robin and a chance to welcome New York Blues artist Sari Schorr back to the Midlands for the first time in twelve months just seems a no brainer to be honest, this is the fourth time I’ve seen Sari and her band and I know before a note is struck I’m in for a fine evening of entertainment. 

Sari Schorr is still unknown to many for different reasons but for those of us who enjoy her music and the lady herself it seems as if a huge amount of people are sadly missing out. I’ve been playing her music for seven years now on my radio shows and so have many other Independent Local Stations…..but the main stream radio stations seem to enjoy the safety of the handful of ‘Beige Artists’ they play rather than looking beyond those predictable acts. 

Sari and her fine band kicked off with storming versions of ‘Freedom’ & ‘Demolition Man’ which got the very decent size crowd clapping, singing and nodding their heads in approval…..we knew we were going to get a selection of tunes from across the first two albums tonight but the lady herself promised a few ‘New Songs’ too…..this was met with rapturous applause. 

‘Coal River’ is one of the new songs and my word it’s an absolute gem… struck a chord with the crowd instantly, it felt like it was a song we were already completely familiar with….it had such a great swagger to it and the band looked as if it’s already become a live favourite with them, it certainly has with the crowd for sure on last nights showing. 

Many songs from the first two albums followed ‘Back To LA’ ‘Ordinary Life’ ‘Oklahoma’ & ‘Damn The Reason’ plus an incredible version of Willie Dixon’s ‘I Just Wanna Make Love To You’ which was a particular highlight for me as I’ve always detested the overplayed Etta James version but this was a real treat last night. 

Live favourite ‘Black Betty’ then Sari’s tribute to Robert Johnson ‘King Of Rock And Roll’ & ‘Valentina’ closed the main set in triumphant fashion before the band returned to treat us to the fabulous ‘Suicidal Nation’ & the wonderful song ‘Beautiful’……a special mention must go out to this fantastic band that Sari has assembled Ash, Phil, Adrian & Roger…..all magnificent players in their own right but perform as one like a finely tuned engine. 

I must say the crowd tonight we’re on fine form, it’s good to see decent size crowds returning to support artists like Sari Schorr because it’s been tough for artists and venues to keep going especially after the last few years…..we need to keep showing up to places like the Bilston Robin so that others can join us for many years to come. 

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