Australian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, recording engineer, and producer Scott Von Ryper is already known for being a co- founding member of the Australian duo The Black Ryder, and a touring member of the iconic Scottish group The Jesus and Mary Chain.  Now he is set to release his debut solo album “Dream State Treasure” in October 2021 via tran-si-ent.

The first track from the album, ‘The Devil’s Son’ – is available now, listen HERE.  Von Ryper says “This track wouldn’t exist without the assistance of a dream.  I simply awoke with a clear understanding of how to reproduce an existing song that I was struggling with. What I awoke with, in my mind, was a much slower, more soulful song, and played on the piano, not guitar It then became the overall essence of the album.  Sometimes there are milestone songs that are integral to the feel of the whole, and this became the essence of the entire record to me. I honestly think it was the track that made me fully realize that I now had the album I wanted to make – I now had a north star for everything .”

‘Dream State Treasure’ was primarily recorded and mixed in Von Ryper’s home studio between 2018 – 2020.  He utilized the break from touring, and the isolation of 2020 to explore sonic themes that he had experimented with early in his career when still recording on a 4-track.  Now producing them on a much grander scale, he played most of the instruments, and recorded, produced and mixed the majority of the record himself, with additional input from Los Angeles engineer Norm Block, who also played drums on the record.

On finishing the album, Von Ryper said, “I knew that if I didn’t finish it in 2020 after being given the gift of so much time, that I would never do it. Telling people that you’re still working on your solo record year-after-year for a few years has a healthy sense of shame to it”, adding “and shame is a great motivator.”

‘Dream State Treasure’ will be released in October 2021 on vinyl, and digitally via all major music services. Von Ryper will be touring Europe in November with The Jesus And Mary Chain.