RPWL: @Bilston Robin 03/04/2023


Prog band RPWL returned to the Bilston Robin in support of their brand new album ‘Crime Scene’ which its fair to say has certainly raised a few eyebrows with its content.

The ‘Crime Scene’ album has six songs about topics such as unsolved Mass Murder & the bizarre tale of Carl Tanzler who spent seven years living with the corpse of the woman he was obsessed with but wanted little to do with him whilst she was alive. 

I must say I really like the album anyway but seeing these songs performed live just increased my enjoyment of these brand new tracks, the opening song of the night ‘Victim Of Desire’ was utterly magnificent and the inclusion of two excellent backing singers into the stage production just took this and the other tracks played tonight to a whole other level. 

The first part of the show was then taken up with the whole of the new album which included the wonderful ‘A Cold Spring Day In 22’ and then was followed up with a fabulous selection of tracks from across the bands back catalogue and included ‘Hole In The Sky’, ‘A New World’ & ‘Unchain The Earth’ 

The encore was a two song affair of ‘The Shadow’ & ‘Roses’ of which the latter included a crowd sing along which we all happily joined in with…..it had been an evening in which a very decent crowd (for a Monday night) had thoroughly enjoyed.

RPWL are an incredible collection of musicians at the very top of their game, and throughout the two hour set their talents showed through time & time again…..it was a fantastic show, with quite possibly the best sound I’ve heard in that venue. 

Many of the crowd there myself included stayed after the show had finished to chat to the members of the band and express our thanks for the band returning to the Midlands and for putting on a fine show that ticked all the boxes both musically & visually…..an excellent way to spend a Monday evening.

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