Forged in Chigwell and raised beneath the hallowed turf of White Hart Lane, the mysterious Harry and the Kanes have been locked in a studio for the last 5 years with one goal in life—to create a banger powerful enough to finally catapult Harry Kane and England to European victory.

Forthcoming new football anthem ‘We Are Dreaming Now’ is that banger.

Set for release on 25th May 2021 via Alcopop! Records and costing the label many hundreds of thousands of pounds, spirited along by a never ending supply of the original ‘Three Lions’ on CD, Lucozade Sport, and aggressive sponge baths, Harry and the Kanes think—nay, know—they’ve cracked it, and are now calling on the nation to help.

Sick of uninspiring chart battles for Number 1 (who cares, right?), Harry and The Kanes have spurned their mighty investment, guaranteeing that if this single reaches #9 on the UK vinyl chart, #9 on the iTunes Alt Indie Chart, and streams 99,999 times on Spotify, that England are destined to hold the trophy aloft.

‘We Are Dreaming Now’ is the latest in a long line of hopeful crossover releases from football mad perennial-independent-record-label-faves Alcopop! Records. 

Founded with money won on a bet after a scorching Tresor Lomana Lua Lua goal in 2006, the label have previously released football-focused singles from Helen Love and DITZ, charity compilation album The World According to Lomana Lua Lua in partnership with Glasgow United FC, sponsored the Queen’s Park match ball as part of The Spook School‘s signing advance, and even sponsored the match at Gretna 2008 just after their calamitous crash from Scottish Cup nearly’s to non-league obscurity.

What’s more, every penny from the digital or vinyl sale of the track today will all be chucked into a charity pot and a bet placed on Harry Kane being Euro 2020 top scorer—all (virtually guaranteed) winnings to go to Football Beyond Borders.

England. We are dreaming! Don’t let us down.

‘We Are Dreaming Now’ Released 25th May 2021 Via Alcopop! Records

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