Robert Plant Saving Grace @Birmingham Town Hall 22/12/2019


I must say that if you are going to sign off your gigs in 2019 then what better way to do it than an evening with Mr Robert Plant and the wonderful Saving Grace.


It was an absolutely magnificent show tonight in Birmingham from Robert Plant & Saving Grace, it takes a very special artist to overlook 50 years of his own music and deliver an incredibly eclectic setlist of tunes stretching back to the 1920’s.


The whole evening was a trip into the weird & wonderful which I imagine most folk within the venue hadn’t heard before, but sometimes you just want to hear a bunch of glorious tracks delivered with such style from a band of top notch musicians, And Mr Plant has once again assembled a band of minstrels that work on so many levels!!! 


For me the tracks ‘Season Of The Witch’ and the cover of Patty Griffin’s ‘Ohio’ we’re just mind blowing and were my highlights of the evening, but there were so many incredible tracks that I could have named many more. 


Robert’s voice just worked perfectly with that of his co-singer Suzi Dian’s and both vocalists interaction with the rest of the band was a joy to see, it’s easy to see why  Robert enjoys these kind of evenings, after all why churn out the same old stuff tour after tour when you can delve into 100 years or more of music from all corners of the globe?


Robert said late into the set that the band will be back in 2020 and this time there would be T-Shirts available too (which was the standing joke of the evening) and personally I can’t wait to enjoy the talents of this wonderful band once again.


Over the last 35 years I’ve seen Robert Plant and his bands in many shapes and forms and each time I’ve witnessed something very special, I really don’t know how Mr Plant does it time and time again….but I’m awfully glad he does. 


Garry Foster

Unchained Rock Show &

Prog Rock Files Show 

101.8WCR FM 

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